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Attention all E Scow enthusiasts-we are having a Birthday. Let’s Celebrate!

Aren't we lucky? How many times have we chuckled amongst ourselves on our E Scows as we quietly and quickly ducked below, around, and through other classes of boats when out on the water and ripped along our merry way? Now take a second to think back to 1923 when most other recreational sailing boats were huge single sail Cat Boats or smaller wooden sloops tootling along at 3-4 knots.

The year 2023 will be a really special year for all of us E enthusiasts as we celebrate the 100th birthday of the almighty E Scow. There are very few one-design classes in the world that predate the E Scow.


What’s happening:

The NCESA Board has asked a few of us to lead the 100 Years E Scow Celebration planning and we could use your help. The lead up to and the full year of 2023 is being designed to emphasize and celebrate the connection with all our friends with whom we have sailed with and against in E's. The racing will be big, but we have the opportunity and desire to make sure we use this awesome moment to cast the net and include as many older friends, crews, memories, and stories to further set and solidify the foundation for our wonderful boat and the National E Scow Class Association for next 100 years.

There will be a more formal announcement of our plans and activities, but for today I request that you all review and complete our Survey and pass it along to all your E Scow mates, even if they aren't racing today.


100 Year Celebration Survey

This Survey will ask you to help us know how your experiences shape what would make 2023 special to your Fleet, family, and yourself.

Jim Campbell is our guardian angel on planning, constantly reminding us to envision what this year-long sailing and racing celebration will feel like the month after the 2023 Nationals. For me and our Committee success would be seen in a full year of our National Class of scow sailors connecting, engaging and enjoying our sport on the boat we love, building a bridge that celebrates and supports our future in E Scow sailing. We are hopeful, and confident that most of you will share that same sentiment.

Please give me a call or email if you would like to help in any way.

With kindest regards and wishes that you and your family stay safe during this Covid chapter, I just wanted to touch base with this info. We are going to be celebrating an important birthday. It’s going to be kind of a big deal to many of us. Everyone is invited.


Please help us celebrate!

Russ Lucas