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 Important: Registration Takes Two Steps

IMPORTANT: To complete registration with ONE payment, follow the instructions in Step-1 and then Step-2 below. You have the option of doing either one separately but then you will be making two separtate payments. 

Step 1. Purchase Meal/Party tickets in the National Regatta Storefront

Click 'Add to Cart' for each item you would like to order. Click the "View Details" button to view a more detailed description. When you have selected all the items you want, go to the Shopping Cart icon (near the top of the page), change the quantity to the number of tickets for each event you would like. Don't forget to click on the 'Update' next to Quantity for the new number to be accepted.
Complete 'Checkout" by clicking on 'Continue to Payment', but DO NOT 'Make Payment', click on 'Cancel Payment'. Your shopping cart items (Meals and merchandise) will be included in step-2 when you make your Regatta Registration payment. 
When you are done, click on "2013 E National Champs" which is a menu pick in the left hand column of the page. That will bring you back to this page to complete Step-2, 'Register Now'.
Step 2. Complete NCESA Regatta Registation at Register Now
Fill out all the information and click on the 'Complete Registration' button. Then pay for registration and Meal/party tickets on the 'Make Payment' page. 
The Storefront is always available to order additional Meal/Party tickets as your plans change. 

Register by Mail

For those of you who would rather not register on the Internet using the steps above, a form is available. The completed form can be mailed to NCESA, Box 3022, Madison, WI 53704.  


The link buttons  at the top of this page should get you all the information you need to prepare your team for a supper fun E National Regatta.
Registration on Thursday September 5, 2013 and racing on September 6-8, 2013.
Vincent Porter and Peter Strothman are the co-chairmen for the event.
Bruce Golison will be the PRO. He has a long and very distinguished resume as both a competitor and a PRO. He has been the PRO for many World and National Championship regattas.