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Lon to Retire as Secretary-Treasurer

Published on 6/1/2019


Dear Members and Friends of the NCESA,

Long time NCESA Executive Secretary Lon Schoor is retiring from his duties with the Class effective the Fall of 2020.  The search for his replacement has begun.

Lon, along with wife Donna, has been instrumental in coordinating and guiding the E fleet for the last 150 or so years.  An enthusiastic sailor of E Scows, as well as steward of the class financials as well as web–master extraordinaire, Lon has been a rock of stability deftly guiding the class membership through his considerate and altruistic leadership style.  NCESA Vice Commodore Chrisy Hughes and myself spent a couple hours at the Lake Geneva Yacht Club this past Friday May 17th debriefing he (and Donna) about the job function and duties of the Executive Secretary for the class.  We have a substantial job description detailing those responsibilities listed to provide a month by month roadmap of duties and deadlines based upon Lon’s tenure in the position.

An abbreviated overview list of the duties includes:

  1. Maintain Accounting for the Association
  2. Manage Club Express (Class Web-site)
  3. Prepare for National Meetings, and creation of those essential documents with updates.

A detailed job description is available for anyone interested in the position.       

We are asking the NCESA Membership, with their substantial connections and resources, for consideration of potential candidates in filling this extremely important role.  It is a paid position.  Chrisy, Derek Packard and I will collectively review potential candidates, and report our findings to the Board of Directors.   Our hope is to have the new Executive Secretary hired and in place by the beginning of the summer 2020-if not sooner.

Please assist when, where, and if you can.  Send any relevant correspondence in confidence to .


Thank you,

Brett Hatton

Commodore NCESA