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2017 E National Regatta - POSTPONED

Date Sent Tuesday, September 05, 2017
From National Class E Scow Association
Subject Subject: POSTPONED - E National Championship Regatta

Vol XXIINo. 12 September 5, 2017

E National Championship Regatta - POSTPONED

The 2017 E National Championship Regatta has been postponed till a later date because of preparations people must make for hurricane Irma.

The dates will have to be finalized but we are considering the time frame of the Charleston Spring regatta, and specifically the last week in April. NOTE: that is very preliminary! A decision will follow soon as the Carolina YC reviews their calendar in the next day or so.

For those of us who have never experienced a hurricane, we have no idea how much preparation must go into getting ready to protect everyone’s safety and their property. The people of Charleston have already begun to pull their boats from the water, stock up on survival supplies, and protect their property. It takes a number of days to do these things when everyone is at it at the same time. There are lines and waiting involved in getting done what needs to be done before a storm of the potential strength of Irma arrives. This is not something people can wait and do a day to two before. The Carolina YC leadership says we should not hold the event as scheduled and the NCESA leadership is in complete agreement having listened to their concerns.

Evacuation from a hurricane location adds another level of concern as the highways before the arrival of the storm become very congested very early. People will be heading north from Florida and Georgia already before the Charleston people begin their evacuation, if that is called for.

This decision makes no one happy but we must understand that it is what has to be done.

PLEASE– if you are a owner/skipper entered in the 2017 National Regatta, please respond to this email ( that we know we have reached everyone with the news. It is important to us that everyone knows and do not continue with their travel plans.