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Asymmetrical Spinnaker Use Rule

Published on 7/29/2017
Matt Schmidt, the Rules Committee Chairperson, indicated that two asymmetrical spinnakers can be used for an event. Here is the section from the minutes of the 2009 NCESA Board of Director's meeting about the use of two asymmetrical spinnakers. The membership approved the motion.

"A discussion then ensued about our current policy regarding the use of two spinnakers (the second asymmetrical spinnaker can only be used if the primary one is destroyed). Since there is a proposal to narrow the asymmetrical spinnaker dimensions so that essentially all spinnakers will be nearly the same size, the following motion was made: if the asymmetrical measurements are approved by the members, then allow two asymmetrical spinnakers to be registered for use at an event. The motion was made by Ted Beier and seconded by Will Demand. This would be a scantling rule change to VIII.4.C and a membership vote is required to approve the change. Even if the membership voted to approve this change, it would not become a rule unless the vote on the mid-girth spinnaker measurement is approved.

From the current bylaws and scantlings:

4.     A yacht may use no more than the following items of equipment in any single event: 
A.            Mainsails – 2
B.            Jibs - 2 
C.            Spinnakers: 1 large and 1 small symmetrical, OR 2 asymmetrical



5. Asymmetric Spinnaker
A. Equipment permitted for setting, sheeting, and adjusting
1. Halyards.

(a) Number permitted – 1
(b) Unlimited to material, camming or cleating devices and snap.