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Florida has a second E fleet

Florida has a second E fleet.  
  Last fall Clearwater Community Sailing Center, through the appeal of Norman Olsen, requested NCESA assistance in locating donations of used equipment to create a fleet.  The NCESA Board agreed to provide limited financial assistance toward the effort.  Board members Bill Nolden and Bob Cole, members of Sarasota Sailing Squadron, approached the Squadron fleet and in the end have encouraged an update of Sarasota equipment and donation of six older Sarasota E boats to Clearwater.   Jim Barr, Jeff Nicholas, Doug Dearden, Chris Herdrich, Ted Weihe, Fred Weick, David Helmick and Bob Cole donated boats, sails, flotation panels, covers, trailers and dollies.  Sarasota fleet members spent time in preparation of the boats. 
  In the past year, Sarasota has proceeded from two asymmetrical rigs to twelve. Sarasota members repaired and updated the donated boats to better working order, delivered and set up the  the boats, and on Saturday April 8 members of the two fleets enjoyed lunch and a demonstration sail for 50 members of the Clearwater Club. NCESA financial assistance will aid in further upgrade  of the boats for such things as rudders, strings, and more.
  Sarasota Sailing Squadron uses the wide open waters of Sarasota Bay for fine E scow sailing several times a month, year round.  The very regular sea breeze provides great and reliable conditions.  The Squadron grounds are available for camping.  Once a year in March, the Squadron holds the Mid-Winter One Design Regatta for several classes – in 2017 about 180 boats participated  on several courses, including the Nationwide Open Bic, Melges 14, WETA, Albacore, Flying Scot, multihull, PHRF, MC Scow, and E scow.
  The City of Sarasota provides accommodation, refreshment, and entertainment.  Will you participate in the Mid-Winter One Design in March, 2018?

Bob Cole
1884 Morris Street
Sarasota, FL 34239