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Day-1 National Champs

Published on 9/5/2014

Day-1 E National Championship

After the rain squalls passed and the postponement came down the fleet headed out for a start around noonish. Unfortunately the RC could not get two of their line boats (port and center) to hold in the deep water. Add to that a small right shift and the accumulation resulted in a general recall with most the fleet piled at the starboard end of the line. Troubles continued for the RC, and their anchoring whoas, and they struggled to set a line. While this was going on the wind made a big 50 degree shift to the right – now the committee had to relocate further south. In the deep water this took a lot of time and wore on the sailors patients. The breeze was up for the first race attempt but now the wind was down to 6-7 mph after the shift. Finally at about 3:00 PM 3:00PM the first race of the regatta got off.

There was more pressure to the left but the wind shifted more to the right and the shift proved to be the best call as most of the top 10 came out of the right with Peter Strothman being first from the left side rounding in 12th.Chris Jewett (M-3) was first followed by Tom Burton (M-9), Chad Hillyer (T-17), Sam Rogers (M-42), and Jeff Solum (M-12).

The wind moved more right but not with out some oscillations allowing for some positions changes down wind and back up. Burton lead at the second upwind while Jewett slipped from the lead to 5th. Rogers and Solum moved up a notch and Hillyer slipped a couple. Peter Strothman made the most of it passing 5 boats to round just behind Vincent Porter (I-2). Harry Melges IV (I-1) passed 8 boats and now was in 13th.

On the last lap Russ Lucas (BA-8) gained big and passed 9 boats. Melges passed another 4 boats to end in 8thplace. The other boats in the top 10 boats adjusted one or two places and it ended with Jewett winning, followed by Rogers, Solum, Lucas, Vincent Porter, and Brian Porter (I-49).