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Digital Reaches #18

Published on 9/4/2014

National Championship - Regatta News & Results

Rob Terry and all the volunteers at the Crystal Lake Yacht Club have really impressed everyone with their planning and execution - what a fantastic venue for a National Championship regatta.

The first race of Nationals is Friday and it looks like we'll have a good breeze to start things out. We might have a little rain early but hopefully it will clear up before its time to start launching the boats.

I encourage all of you to view the results of the 2014 E-Scow National Championships at:

The Race Committee is committed to posting the race results from the water after each race as quickly as they can enter them. Steven Paul Washburn is the scorer and he has been a member of Bruce Golison's Race Committee for some years and has experience getting race results out quickly to all those interested in following the regatta over the next few days.


There are 78 boats registered. You can view a list of the entries that includes not only the skipper names but also the crew.List of Teams


As in the past we willattempt to get out a short report after the days racing - stay tuned for more Digital Reaches news.