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2014 BBYRA E-Scow Grant Program

Published on 2/28/2014
The Island Heights Sailing Foundation wants to give selected young sailors on the BBYRA an opportunity to experience E-Scow racing at its best. The Foundation will provide two competitive boats (2005 and 2006.) The grant applications will be reviewed and the grant will be awarded with preference to age, level of interest, skill level and strength of references. Applications must be received by April 15, 2014 for the 2014 sailing season. 
Each applicant is expected to qualify in the morning and afternoon on the BBYRA and to sail in a predetermined number of regattas. The boat and equipment is expected to be maintained at the highest level. The grant is for the use of the boat and equipment for one year. Each recipient will be assigned a “mentor” for the season. 
Each Applicant must have medical coverage. 
To apply for this grant, Read the Grant Requirements and Selection criteria, print out the application and mail or email to the IHSF Office. 

Who Should Apply? 

This program is geared towards younger sailors (under 30) with a desire to race E-Scows. 
You could be a recent college graduate with lots of desire to get into a competitive one-design class, but you lack the funds to purchase a boat. 
You could be a sailor on a high school or college sailing team looking to augment your dinghy sailing skills in a larger boat or to test your ability against larger fleets. 
You should have current E-Scow experience. 
To Apply for the grant: 
1) You must complete the grant application form and submit it to the IHSF office by midnight 
April 15, 2013. There are two acceptable ways to submit the application: 
 a) You may print out the application and send it by mail to: 
Island Heights Sailing Foundation 
P.O. Box 1227 
Island Heights, NJ 08732 
Postmark is not controlling, the application must be in the Office by midnight April 15, 2013. 
b) You may submit your application via email to: and include "Boat Grant Application" in the subject line. 

2) Include with your application - 
 a) Your sailing resume. 
 b) Information about your teammates and their sailing resumes. 
 c) Letters of recommendation and contact information from two sailing references. They can be a current or former coach, a competitor, a member of your yacht club, or any other sailing reference who knows you well. 
 d) A personal letter outlining what the grant would mean to you and why you are the best candidate for a grant. 

3) If you are under 18, your application must be accompanied by a signed letter from a parent or guardian in support of this application, with the understanding that they will be responsible for the boat and your activities. 

Selection Process: 
There is a review committee of four E-Scow Sailors and one IHSF board member who will review all the applications. 
The members of the committee are: 
William Demand - Co-Chair 
William Warner - Co-Chair 
Art Bailey - Co-Chair 
Carl Horrocks 
Steve Brick – IHSF Board Member 
 Selection Criteria: 

Each Applicant should submit whatever information they deem necessary to the Selection Committee above and beyond the application if they feel it necessary. 

The importance (weight) of each of the main 7 categories of information is indicated below. In addition, there is an additional 10 bonus points for the quality and innovativeness of your application. Please note the submission procedure outlined in "To apply for the grant." 
please submit them and we will post the question and answers for all applicants to read. 
1. Age of Team (20) 
2. Financial Need of Team (30) 
3. Plan for Use of Boat “Regatta Schedule” (20) 
4. Strength of Sailing Resume (20) 
5. Strength of Recommendations (10) 
6. Ability to Travel (5) 
7. Ability to Store boat (5) BBYRA E-Scow Boat Grant Application 
Name:________________________________________ Date: ______________

Mailing Address: _______________ Permanent Address: __________________ 

______________________________ _________________________________ 

______________________________ _________________________________ 

email: ________________________ Phone: ___________________________ 

Phone: ________________________ Date of Birth ______________________ 
Have you received this grant in the past 
Home Sailing Waters: _______________________________________________ 

Yacht Club (s)_______________________________________ 

Please attach two reference letters: 

Sailing Reference#1 _________________________________________________ 

Reference #1 Phone # _______________ email ___________________________ 

Sailing Reference#2 _________________________________________________ 

Reference #2 Phone # _______________ email ___________________________ 

Please attach a sailing resume for you and your team: 
Please describe how you would use the E-Scow, where you would keep it, and what events you would 

Please explain why you should be selected for this grant: 

Please add any information that you think is critical or helpful in this selection process: 

Signed ___________________________________________________ 
Parental signature (required if applicant is under 18) _____________________________