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Digital Reaches News 2-26-2014

Published on 2/26/2014
Date Sent Wednesday, February 26, 2014
From National Class E Scow Association
Subject Subject: Charleston & Member Lookup

Digital Reaches - Volume XI , Issue 5

Charleston Is So Inviting

Carolina YC Shorefront
The Carolina Yacht club has a fabulous shore front facility to host any regatta. E-Scow sailors will be the lucky ones to enjoy the best there is to offer on March 28-30 (Fri-Sun).  

While writing this sitting in Wisconsin it is the end of February and the temperatures for the next week are well below zero. One of the coldest winters ever. You deserve a break - take the trip to Charleston SC. It is not too late to make your plans. Maybe all of your regular crew can't make it, but there are a ton of great E-Scow crew who would love to be going to sunny skies and warm temperatures. Which brings me to the second article below - easily search and find NCESA members on the web! 

Search & Find NCESA Members

You can find this information easily on the website and you do not have to be logged in to do it. 

How to Do a Member Search
The 'Member Info' menu has a sub-menu 'Member Directory' and if you click on that you will see the Member Directory page with search options.

There are 3 drop down menus: Region, Yacht Club, and Member Type. You select one, two, or all three to narrow the display of current members. NOTE – after you make your selections you must click on “Search”. [Do not enter anything in the "Search For" space unless you want to specify a particular member to look for. If you do, a partial name is okay as well. Entering "Sch”"will result in a list of members whose last name begins with "Sch".] The resulting list of members will be displayed under Search Results.

  1. Selecting Region="ECESA" will give all current members from the Eastern region.
  2. Selecting Region="All Types" and selecting Member Type="owner", will give a list of all current boat owner memberships (those people who have a current boat sticker on their hull).
  3. Selecting Yacht Club="Mendota" would display all current members from the Mendota YC. However, you cannot tell what type of member each person is unless you also select Member Type and choose one of the drop down choices.

Basically, selecting more drop-down menu choices narrows the search results.

The "View" pick in the Search Results will give you detailed information about the member, to include contact information, yacht club, sail number, …
If members add their social networking information, that too is available. Members can also upload pictures, provide a biography, indicate their interests, and outline their achievements.
NOTE: You have to be logged in to see member detail information.

The Member Directory shows current members. All annual memberships expire at the end of February. However, I have set a grace period of two months so that members will continue to show in the Member Directory two months after their membership expires. If a member does NOT renew by the start of May - they will not be included in the Member Directory. 


Membership Renewal

Email notices have been sent to remind members it is time to renew your NCESA membership. The response has been good with 150 member renewals. Please renew your membership now so you remain in the Member Directory. When you access the website, login to see your red "renew" link.