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$10 Fee for 'Crew' Membership Type

 | Published on 3/8/2013
The NCESA website will change in the coming weeks to require a logon ID and password to access the full content of the site. New functionality will be added to the site including a Member Directory lookup. Below is an excerpt from the Directors meeting regarding a change in the ‘Crew’ type membership fee.

“For member information privacy, not all pages of the website should be open to the general public (such as Membership Directory lookup). We also only want members to participate in NCESA discussions. To control this, all membership types should pay to use the full functions of the website. We will continue to display to the general public, most all the other website pages/information to help promote the E-Scow Class and encourage interest from the general public. Currently the crew fee is $0 and crew does not have to be an association member to race in regattas. To provide full website access to Crew member types, it was suggested there be some dues, but continue the policyof not requiring crew membership to race in a regatta. Matt  Schmidt made a motion to set the Crew membership fee at $10. Bob Cole seconded the motion and it passed.”