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Wanamaker Regatta Report




The sailors were greeted with a brisk southwest wind that was continuing to build. The first race they saw 10-18 knots with 8 boats lined up for the start. It was very puffy as the boats were heading to the windward mark tucked in by the south shore of the race course. The run down wind was either a sleigh ride or watching a turtle crawl. The pressure was dropping in out of nowhere and no one really had any idea of which way it was going to go. The course was only a windward leeward 2 times around and it went by very quickly.

The second race the sailors saw the wind increase dramatically and it took a while for the race committee to get the race going. The wind speed pumped and was a puffy 17-23 knots with some gusts that were a little higher. Boats started dropping out quickly with the wind increase, it was a wild race! The course was 3 times around windward leeward and it was the last race of day. The remaining boats were hiking hard all the way around the race course. Only 4 boats finished the last race of day. Only two races were sailed, but it was great day in big breeze on the race course! Congrats to team SS-37 Blind Squirrel for winning the 2019 Wanamaker Regatta.