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Home2016 Runyon Colie Regatta report

12th Annual Runyon Colie Bilgeboarder E Scow Regatta

11 June 2016

at Mantoloking YC


I was asked to prepare a short write-up about being the 1st place finisher of the recent Colie Regatta. First, I would like to take a few minutes to thank the Mantoloking Yacht Club (MYC), the Bilgeboarders, and other volunteers for their help in making this a terrific event. This successful day had a lot of help and I would like to thank everyone, including Ed Vienckowski and all of the race committee that did an outstanding job. I also thank and recognize the Colie family for their dedication to racing and helping sailors.


As most locals know, Mr. Colie, who recently passed, was a legend in our area and beyond. His involvement in the E Scow class dates back to the classorigin in the 1920s. Runniewon countless E Scow Regattas including the 1966 Nationals (first Easterner to do so), and many Eastern and BBYRA Championships. It was an extreme honor to not only race in this regatta, but to do well.


Race Day Details: The race day started with winds out of the SW at around 14 knots. The weather report showed building conditions. We decided to go right to the heavy air jib and one setting up from base. Before the first race started, we went up two more settings. The sky was clear with mild temperatures and as promised strong winds. After two races, we had sailed 8 legs, 7 of which were led by Clay Johnson and the Showtime team. Clay had won the first race and we were able to get by Clay before the last windward mark of the second. We had somewhat of a slow jibe and Showtime was able to roll over the top of us, but due to the strong winds we were able to soak low enough that Showtime wasn't able to jibe. We sailed to the lay line and Clay jibed first. We jibed in front and were able to ride a strong puff to the finish, winning the race. The third race was cancelled due to strong winds and therefore, we won the regatta because the rules are such that when you have a tie with identical finishes, the boat that won the last race wins the regatta. The true winner was Clay Johnson and his team. They led at every mark except the last one. Sorry Clay!


In closing, I would like to express a personal thanks to George Demand, Bowman, Peete Must, Tactician, Beth Warner Pokorney, Boards and my entire Blind Squirrel team for all their hard work and fantastic dedication.



John Brown T37