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2015 Geneva Spring Regatta - Report

It was an overcast with cool temperatures on the water. The 8-10 breeze started out of the NE and slowly swung to the right before settling in from the east after the second race where it held direction as it faded in speed on the last two legs of the last race. Still with 5-6mph at the finish to make for a great day for the first races of the year.

The day belonged to Peter Strothman and team winning the first and last race of the day. In the first race got off at 10:45 with boats from the right and left sides were shuffled like a deck of cards as they rounded the first mark. Brian Porter (I-49 lead with Peter Strothman (I-9), Vincent Porter (I-2), Augie Barkow (V-37), Jaimie Kimball (G-7), and Harry4 Melges (I-1) - all in a close battle.  As you can see from the results there were a few lead changes among that group at the finish with Brian losing the lost as he fell to fourth. T Freytag (I-7) moved up through the fleet better than anyone, after a poor first leg to finish 7th. The race lasted 57 minutes.
The second race, 4 legs instead of six, saw the fleet split sides again but the boats from the left had the advantage at the first mark as the boats from the right struggled in slightly less wind this time. Jaime Kimball (G-7) had great speed as he and Brian Porter were in a drag race from the left, which had Brian Porter wishing he had last a few pounds of the winter - the lighter G-7 team had the edge. Harry4 (I-1) was second around followed by Brian (I-49), Lon Schoor (H-7), Augie Barkow (V-37), and Peter (I-9). Harry4 rocketed downwind and easily lead at all the remaining marks. Brian showed that once in awhile age and cunning can win out and passed the faster Jaime - they were second and third followed by Schoor (H-7), Scott Ripkey (I-101), and Strothman (I-9). Scott had a great race is considering he had to work through the fleet and pass 11 boats to get a 5th. The race last 40 minutes.
The third race of the day had the fleet pretty spread out by the end of the race, a clear case of the rich getting richer as speed was the best strategy and staying in the best winds since it did get a little patchy in places compared to the first two races. It was a 5 leg race that lasted an hour for the leaders. Strothman (I-9) jumped out to the lead and started to pull away with T-Freytag (I-7) in pursuit. Wheeler Morris (W-41) and Schoor (H-7) were holding their own in third and forth place and there was a slight gap in the next group of boats Phil Zalog (H-88), Chris Jewett (M-3), Ripkey (I-101), Kimball (G-7). Jim Gluek (X-751) moved up from 10th to 4th at the finish. It was one of those races where recovering from a bad start was at most going to move you up 5-7 places at best as the breeze slowly faded during the race.
Wind was again from the NE  but with a little more strength. The big difference today were the edges of the course - Seemed to me that one was good and one was not. Mostly the south shore was good but once in a while boats on the north side playing a few shifts could hold their own. Everyone was wet and cold - especially the RC who had us sail a windward 3 (3 legs) for the second race of the day. I heard they were so cold they couldn't push the starting sequence horn button! 
T Freytag (I-7), Vincent Porter (I-2), Jaime kimball (G-7), Chris Jewett (M-3), and Harry4 Melges (I-1) were the most consistent on day-two with single digit finishes. The regatta winner Peter Strothman can attest to how hard it was to come back if you got caught on the wrong side of the course. He had an 8 point lead going in to day-two but his 14th place in the first race put his regatta win in jeopardy as he dropped 3 points behind Augie Barkow (V-37) and Vincent Porter (I-2), tied with 19 points. Augie Barkow was first around and gybed at the offset in lots of pressure and was launched into a huge lead down the south shore.
In race two Tom Monroe finally got settled down in his new boat and won the race. It was a short sprint race of three legs and getting a jump early was important. Strothman wasn't going to be hampered by a bad first race and put the pressure on at the first mark to have Augie and Vincent play catch me if you can. In a crowded leeward mark rounding Vincent was able to get away in a  clean lane and try to close the gap on the final upwind leg to the finish but came up short a couple of places to finish Second for the regatta.
This was a proven group of championship E-Scow racers. The scores will attest to the tight racing.  Everyone had a double digit race to humble them and give them a taste of how hard the majority of the fleet are battling trying to find a little clear air and a nice long lane taking them to the next good shift.