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  • The Host Club will attempt to provide local housing in member homes on a first come first served basis, with priority given to those traveling the furthest, providing requests are made in a timely manner. There is no guarantee local housing will be available. It is suggested contestants locate other accommodations than local housing and attached is a listing of rental information and local motels.
  • Requests for local housing shall be made to Housing Chairperson, Terri Sayia, via email at For follow-up correspondence, Terri can be reached at 973-902-7276.


  • Seaside Park is a popular summer resort town with one of the best ocean beaches on the east coast. Many summer rental homes are available at a wide range of prices. Weekly rentals typically run Saturday to Saturday. This option is great for those looking for more comfort or to spend a little more time in town to take advantage of the beach and nearby amusement parks. Most bookings can be arranged very easily online. Please be aware though that the regatta is being held during peak summer season, so demand is high for such rentals. Make your arrangements EARLY. Two very active and reliable local realtors are listed here:


    • Villano Realtors 732-793-4663
      (Owner Sherri Villano is an SPYC member)


    • Appleby Realty 732-793-6074page4image13600 page4image13760


  • Our Regatta Host Motel is the Windjammer Motor Inn, located literally one block away from SPYC. Being that car parking will be limited at the club due to the Scows taking up our parking lot, this is a great option since it’s in such easy walking distance. A block of twenty rooms are being held for us at a rate of just $135 per night. There is a bar, a restaurant and an outdoor pool on site, and a liquor store and other shops in the next block too. The ocean beach is one block to the east. SPYC one block to the west. Be sure to mention Seaside Park Yacht Club when reserving.


    • Windjammer Motor Inn 
      Central & 1st Avenue, Seaside Park 732-830-2555 (0.2 miles from SPYC)
  • Other Nearby Accommodations:
    • Belvedere Motel 732-793-7373
      13th & Central Avenue, Seaside Park (0.6 miles south of SPYC)
    • Luna Mar Motel 732-793-7955
      L St. & Ocean Avenue, Seaside Park
      (this is oceanfront, closer to the Seaside Boardwalk, 1.0 miles north of SPYC)
    • Beach Club Hotel 732-793-8200
      20th and Central Avenue, South Seaside Park
      (this is closer to the entrance to nearby Island Beach State Park, 1.0 miles south of SPYC)

  • Note: All of these motels provide beach badges included in their room rates.