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M U S T  S E E  -- 2013 E National Championship Video

Highlights from the 2013 E Scow National Championship held at Lake Geneva Yacht Club Sept. 6-8. 

84 boats battled it out over 3 days with Kevin Jewett coming out with the victory. 
Watch the Video
Aerial Photos: Jeff Mason
Tracks: Mars Volta - Take the Veil Cerpin Taxt
John Spencer Blues Explosion - Greyhound - Moby Mi

National Class E-Scow Association

The National Class E-Scow Association (NCESA) was founded in 1959 to promote the sport of E-Scow sailing.
It exists to serve all regions of the country where E-Scow sailing is pursued. There are four types of membership in the NCESA: Boat Owners, Regular, Associate, and Crew.
The NCESA is supported through membership fees. We are also a 501c3 non-profit organization, and donations are tax deductable.
E-Scow class Scantling Rules are determined by Boat-Owner members, and require a 2/3 majority vote to pass a change in the rules.
We welcome your support and interest - Please visit often for the latest news.

Recent News Items

Charleston Regatta - Note the New Dates and Format

March 28-30

It is not at the usual Easter time any longer.

The regatta will be a three (3) day event with the first race Friday at 1:30 to give people time to set up their boats in the morning. 

The date change and the 3 day format is to encourage more participation. Let's show Charleston that the E-Scow fleet is willing to travel to a great sailing venue for a 3 day regatta. 

Put this on your schedule for 2014 and treat yourself to a wonderful Spring break.

See the 2014 north Sails One Design Yearbook

E-Scow Nationals is highlighted on the cover!

At the 84-boat 2013 E Scow Nationals in Wisconsin, the starting line stretched almost all the way across Lake Geneva.
After more than five decades, the E Scow continues to amaze, evolve and enjoy strong participation, competition

Calendar Updates for 2014
The 2014 Calendar is in the process of being updated. Please note the dates and locations are tentative until I get a confirmation from the region/club holding the event. 

I am asking that clubs get back to me before the end of January so that people can have some confidence the calendar is correct after January.

Thank you for your help and support.

Mystery Guest Cam Lewis - Blue Chip Regatta Report

From what I could figure, all E Scows are very one design, One Builder, One Sail maker and very few differences between boats. Most boats have the newer launcher set up for the kites, ours did not. The races were not won or lost because one boat was tricked out better than any other. We had 17 boats, which for me was plenty big enough of a fleet to deal with. Read Full Report


Where are you ranked for the 2013 Season?

Vincent Porter is both the National Ranking Champion and the Road Warrior Champion for 2013.


Runnie Colie Jr - Inducted to National Sailing Hall of Fame

The Colie family and a large contingent of friends from Barnegat Bay had the honor of seeing Runnie Colie inducted into the National Sailing Hall of Fame yesterday (10/27/2013) in Annapolis MD.  Attached are a few photos from the induction, including one of Runnie surrounded by his fellow inductees.  Rarified air there with the likes of Bill Buchan, Dave Curtis, Stuart Walker, Frank Butler and Timmy Larr, with Runnie the center of attention at 97 years young.  It was a real thrill for all of us there to see Runnie be so honored, and also great to have Barnegat Bay and E Scows being duly recognized along with him.




Ed Vienckowski
Also, here is an article in Schuttlebutt about the induction Schuttlebutt Story


Foiling sailboat on Lake Mendota circa 1950s



 Check out News Items below for posts not displayed before Oct 4th

Some news items below are new as of October 4th - I had created them and thought they were visable on the website but I messed up a setting and they did not display. My appoligies, I didn't notice it until just now.
2013 ILYA Championship Regatta - Mark Rounding Map
Erik Bowers (M-11) wins the ILYA Championship Regatta


Brad Robinson Receives Minnetonka Lifetime Achievement Award

Full Story


E Blue Chip - Final Results - Barkow Wins

No racing on Sunday because of lack of wind.  V-37 Augie Barkow wins.  I-2 Vincent Porter 2nd.  V-15 Chris Banholzer 3rd.  Mystery Guest Cam Lewis 10th.

More E National Championship Photos

Tammy Sawyer has lots of photos from the Championship Regatta at  Click Here

Day-1 E National Championship Regatta - Video Interviews with Terry & Dow

Rob Terry won the first race and Mike Dow won the second race. Both skippers are from the Crystal Lake Yacht Club in Michigan.

E National Champs - Race #4 Interview Video with Kevin Jewett

Video of Winning Team - Trophy Presentation Interview

E-Scow KG-111 from the Lake Kegonsa Sailing Club wins the 2013 E-Scow National Championship Regatta at Lake Geneva WI. Kevin Jewett is the skipper, Jim Campbell sails the jib,  David Buckley in the middle, and Carolina Jewett as the fourth.

E National Pictures Available

Hey Lon!  I had some photographers come take shots at nationals.  Here's the gallery:   I'm going to have them give the high res versions of the images to anyone that asks for them.  If you want to spread the word that it's out there that would be great.  Thanks,  Peter



Photography | NY | LA


2013 National E-Scow Champions


Kevin Jewett & wife Carolina, Jim Campbell, and David Buckley

Congratulations on a great series agaist the best E-scow sailors.  
The last day was another perfect wind from the ESE - straight down the lake about 10-14 mph.
Each race had a few OCS calls, but what do you expect with 84 boats - everyone wants to get a jump on the boat next to them.
Picture from Sept 8th ILYA ScowLines 
Rank Division SailNo Club HelmName R1
Total Nett
1st KG-111 Kegonsa Kevin Jewett 2 3 6 1 10 (12) 34 22
2nd I-2 Geneva Vincent Porter 7 (17) 2 15 1 3 45 28
3rd I-49 Geneva Brian Porter 4 19 1 5 (43 SCP) 9 81 38
4th M-42 Minnitonka Sam Rogers 21 2 3 8 4 (46) 84 38
5th SL-4 Spring Lake Jamie Kimball 18 (29) 16 2 2 2 69 40
6th CR-66 Crystal Rob Terry 1 11 (17) 16 6 14 65 48
7th BH-22 Bay Head Bobbie Koar 17 (21) 14 7 14 1 74 53
8th V-37 Pewaukee Augie Barkow 14 4 (85 DNF) 12 9 17 141 56
9th M-3 Minnetonka Chris Jewett 20 (35) 19 9 5 7 95 60
10th I-9 Geneva Peter Strothman 9 (26) 9 4 23 19 90 64
On Saturday a nice breeze filled in for the first race (9-14 mph) from 240 degrees, pretty much down the middle of the lake. Brian Porter (I-49) lead the whole way with Vincent Porter (I-2) chasing him.
There was a little gap between first and second race as the wind clocked a little left for a while but then steady out at 230 degrees to give us another race course with about 1.3-4 miles legs. Course was 5 legs and winds were 11-15 mph. In the second race it was Kevin Jewett that lead at every mark rounding. Jamie Kimbell (SL-4) in second and Harry Melges (III) with his young son, Harry IV, trading time on the tiller was third.

2013 ILYA Championship Regatta - Mark Rounding Maps

Click on R1, R2, ...  to see your ups and downs at the ILYA Champs!

Erik Bowers (M-11) wins the ILYA Championship Regatta 

 After 6 races the points are tight and all the the top boats had to have to have a good race in the morning to hold their position. Eric is tied with Sam Rogers (M-42). Then there are a couple of Geneva boats Vincent Porter (I-2) and Peter Strothman (i-9). In 5th is Russ Lucas  (BH-8) who came all the way from the Bay Head Yacht Club on the Barnegat Bay in New Jersey.
Eric and Sam had a battle in the last race and finished first and second - and that is the way they ended the regatta with Eric on top.

Brett Hatton (SL-4) Wins Western Michigan Championship Regatta

Brett's crew is:  Chad Hough, Brian Toressen

Vincent Porter (I-2) Wins ECESA Championship Regatta at Kueka Lake

Series final results are Top Master Dick Turner CH-5, Top Rookie and Top Woman Leigh Kempton IH-101, Top older boat Peter Hurley MA-11, 10th Leigh Kempton IH-101, 9th Bob Cole KU-9 (tiebreaker), 8th George Welch KU-1, 7th Peter Hurley MA-11, 6th Dick Wight MA-10, 5th John Brown SS-1, 4th Russ Lucas (tiebreaker) BH-8, 3rd Bobby Koar BH-22, 2nd Chad Hillyer T-17, and 2013 Eastern Champion Vincent Porter I-2.
RJ Porter
Vincent Porter
Colin Rowe




The Richardson Regatta was held July 27 and 28th at the Royal Lake of the Woods Yacht Club (est.1903), near Kenora, Ontario.

Ten scows competed, but only four attempted a practice sail on Saturday due to winds gusting to 30 knots. Two of the four capsized, including the eventual regatta winner. At about 2pm, races were cancelled for the scows for the day.

Conditions were great on Sunday, and races started early with a 9am gun. 

Peter Ilser came back for more E-Scow racing!

After the great experience I had as the Blue Chip Mystery Guest last fall - I decided it would be fun to try to do some more E sailing.  When I learned that there was a fleet on Keuka Lake (pretty near to my family's camp on Skaneateles Lake).    In early summer, I asked Andy Burdick about the Keuka fleet and he put me in touch with Bob Cole.   The rest of the story was pretty much a repeat of my great experience at the Blue Chip last summer (with a few twists).    Bob found me a great boat and sails (loaned by Marc Tuner) and I spent a great weekend racing E Scows and hanging out with some fun folks at a historic yacht club alongside a beautiful lake.   I talked my good friend and multihull expert Cam Lewis (we were teammates on the wing sailed catamaran, Stars & Stripes which won the America's Cup back in 1988) into flying in from Maine on his float plane so we had easy lake to lake transportation for the weekend.  Cam and I traded off on the helm while my girlfriend, Miriam Torres had the fun of working the boards and hiking out on both sides of the boat (windward and leeward) as is the norm for lake sailing.   We had a great time and I am more hooked than ever on the fun of racing an E Scow and hanging out with the great group of folks that sail in the fleet.

 Peter Isler



John Brown Wins TRYC Challenge Cup

Team Blind Squirrel (SL-1) - John Brown Skipper (center) with crew Will & George Demand, won the 2013 Toms River Challenge cup. 

ECESA Perpetual Trophies 

This is a reminder - -
Please return your perpetual race trophies to the Eastern E Scow Championship Regatta at the Keuka Yacht Club no later than July 31.

2013 WMYA E Invite - Crystal Lake

 Rob Terry wins the 2013 Western Michigan E Invite Regatta at White Lake.
 Four races on Saturday in 8-12 knots.Rob won the first three races.
 Two races on Sunday in 6-10 knots.

 2013 ILYA Invite at Pewaukee

Vincent Porter, Harry Melges IV, Henry Rolander, and Clifford Porter won the 2013 ILYA E Invite Regatta. Harry and Henry are a couple of 12 year olds that clearly have a bright E-Scow furture ahead of them. I am pretty sure Clifford is Vincent's brother which only means we'll have to contend, as competitors, with that talent for a long time. 
Rank SailNo Club Skipper R1 R2 R3 Total
1st I-2 Geneva Vincent Porter 1 14 1 16
2nd I-9 Geneva Peter Strothman 12 1 4 17
3rd X-751 Pine Jim Gluek 17 6 3 26
4th M-9 Minnetonka Tom Burton 8 5 15 28
5th V-37 Pewaukee Augie Barkow 5 4 20 29
6th W-25 White Bear Lee Alnes 15 2 14 31
7th LE-73 Little Egg Jeff Bonanni 13 7 13 33
8th V-220 Pewaukee Paul Biwer 10 16 8 34
9th J-5 Oshkosh Bill Wyman 16 9 9 34
10th V-511 Pewaukee Tobin Tornehl 11 3 21 35

2013 ECESA Annual Meeting Agenda

 Runnie Colie Inducted into the National Sailing Hall of Fame

Please view Roger Vaughan's article about Runnie at the National Sailing Hall of Fame website, the link below.
Can you image the stories we could tell about Runnie racing E-Scows. It would fill a book with ease. They weren't all racing stories but I (Lon schoor) have one of those to share also. At the 1980 Nationals in Little Egg Harbor on the last leg of the last race I had to pass Runnie to beat him in the regatta. We had a lead over the next boats so we thought we could out tack him if we just kept it up to he finish. I was young and naive and we thought Runnie was too old to match us in a tacking dual (Now, over 33 years later I realize what a fool I was). Anyway, we could not believe he matched us tack for tack and even pulled away from us doing it. We finished 4th and 5th in the Nationals that year and Runnie was only 64 years old, younger than I am now and that is why I now understand that was a stupid tactic.
Many years Later I was in the registration line with Runnie at another Little Egg Harbor National Championship Regatta. Runnie was writing out a check for his registration and social events and when he handed it to the woman collecting the money he said, "This check is for more money than what I paid for my first E-Scow". I am pretty sure he also described how it was delivered on a hay wagon (although there no specific mention of horses) - no kidding!

Kyle Rogachenko Wins Colie Bilgeboarder Regatta

There were 17 boats in near perfect conditions, surprisingly so considering we had tropical storm Andrea pass thru the night before.  Winner was Kyle Rogachenko, who is sailing one of the Island Heights foundation grant boats this year.   Kyle was 4th at the last US Laser trials.
The first four finishers had 9-10-11-12 points respectively.  Very competitive stuff.

Attached is a picture of the winning team sharing the moment with Runnie and Betsy Colie at the awards.  What a treasure having them join us.


Dick Tillman ran away with the 2013 Waswasee E Open Regatta

Pos Boat Last, First Club R1 R2 R3 R4 Total
1 WA-22   Tillman, Dick Wawasee 4 1 2 9 16
2 SL-4 Hatton, Brett Spring Lake 3 11 9 1 24
3 CR-11 Price, Pete Crystal Lake 8 5 3 8 24
4 TO-33 Johanson, Steve Torch Lake 2 4 16 4 26
5 H-7 Schoor, Lon Mendota 7 7 12 3 29
6 CR-66 Terry, Rob Crystal lake 5 10 1 15 31
7 H-88 Zalog, Phil Mendota 1 8 5 20 34
8 WA-00 Irmscher, Dave Wawasee 10 6 15 5 36
9 WA-47 Herdrich, Bob Wawasee 13 2 4 18 37
10 WH-77 Munroe, Tom White Lake 6 12 19 2 39

Bonanni wins the 2013 Toms River Tuneup Regatta

Jeff Bonanni, with crew Mike O’Brien, Matt Goetting and Maggie Condon squeaked out a one point win over Russell Lucas and his Shimmer team.
Sail # Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Total 
T-73 Jeff Bonanni 6 2 2 3 13
BH-8 Russell Lucas 1 4 1 8 14
SS-1 John Brown 4 6 3 4 17
T-17 Chad Hillyer 3 3 11 1 18
BH-22 Robert Koar 2 1 16 2 21
Report        Full Results 

Congratulations to Vincent Porter and Team on their Geneva Spring Regatta Victory 

























































Sailors showed up Sunday morning to a calm lake with patches of wind here and there to tickle the RC just enough that they would go out and check conditions. Finally 45 minutes before the noon deadline the RC announced a warning signal would happen at 11:40. The wind was SE 7-9 mph by the start time and built to 10-14 mph by the finish with one course change as the wind backed some after the first leg. A W5 course was set and leg times were: 8 minutes upwind, 6 downwind, 10 up, 5 down, and 9 up to the finish. It didn’t seem like a short course at all – these boats are just so damn fast!
Brian Porter (I-49) meant business after being LAST around a leeward mark the day before – [I guess that’s what happens when you poke an E-Scow legion in a class news article]. Brian wanted the leeward end and took it with good speed heading for the point where he tacked to port crossing all but ...   More...

Island Heights Sailing Foundation E-Scow Grant Program 2013 Winner


Kyle Rogachenko, 24, is a member of Toms River Yacht Club and has crewed sporadically in E-Scows on Barnegat Bay over the past few years. He is far better known for his long list of accomplishments as a singlehanded sailor, first in the Optimist Dinghy and then in the Laser Radial and Laser.

Bon Voyage Johnson Boat Works


Charleston Easter Regatta Results & Report

10 Boats raced in Charleston at Easter time but next year the push is on for 35 boats as they are building lots of new water front facilities to take care of all the launching with plenty of dock space. Start making your 2014 Easter plans. Its a two day regatta now but if a three day event would be more popular - let them know, they are open to a change to bring more E-Scow south at Easter time.

Notice of Race Postings

People are starting to get their regatta NOR announcements out. They are all being posted in the same place for easy access. Click on the 'Regatta's NORs & Results' menu on the left hand side of the page. 

The link buttons that are RED have pages that contain some content; NORs, Reports, Result, Photos.

The pages are updated as I get the information in (email, text, phone, ...). Also, you can now upload your own pictures and if you take some pictures at a regatta - LET ME KNOW (Lon's email, or 608-347-1480). I will connect your pictures to that particular regatta's photo album. We'd love to post pictures of Social events, Award ceremonies, Race Committee, as well as action racing shots. 

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