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Main Halyard Sticky? Replace the Sheave
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If your main halyard is sticky you need to put a heavy coat of bees wax on it. I do the entire length and also work in into the phenolic sheave at the top of the mast. You will be amazed at the difference that makes. I have tried other coatings and bees wax is clearly the best I have used.
On my new (used) boat, that has been sailed really hard for most of it's life, I figured the main halyard would be a nuisance. At the top of the mast is a sheave that over time will get rutted out. See pictures below for new vs old. 
The sheave is only held in by a phillps screw with a barrel nut on the end. To remove the old one takes 10-15 minutes. All you need is:
  • Vice grips
  • Two phillips screwdrivers
  • Flat head screwdriver to help coerce the old one out
When installing the new one:
  • Order the new "Main Phenolic Sheave" from Melges for $55 >>
  • Match up the removed sheave and new sheave to drill a hole for the new set screw. Melges does send a replacement screw and barrel nut with the new sheave
  • Line up the holes and attach! (Don't forget to make sure the main halyard is how it's supposed to be!)
A very easy fix that is very worth it. I know we would have liked to know about this last year with the old boat.... 
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