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Spinaker Retrieval Line Question
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That Ropeye is pretty neat. Hm, definitely worth considering...
As long as there is a reasonable backing plate it should not rip out.
We sailed with a eyestrap holding a 40mm carbo block on centerline and then another strap/block on the port stringer just aft of the sock. 
If you are redoing everything these look like they would do the trick.
When installing the back block for the retrieval line (the one on the centerline of the boat), I've seen it done several ways... my question is which is better?
My previous boat had a 29mm carbo block on a 12" piece of of spectra that was fastened to the starboard side of the boat. My newer boat had a 49mm block fastened directly into the spine. 
What's the best method here? I know that I've seen/heard of blocks being ripped right out of the deck if a tack line/halyard is left cleated. Any suggestions are awesome.
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