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E-Scow Tuning

Raptor Foam Flooring
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Thank you for the feedback. And reminding me that I need to replace more blocks than I realized!
After sailing a season with it i dont think its worth the trouble in an older boat.  Its adding weight and Id imagine you have to sand off the non skid to get it to stick.
As crew i do think a thicker pad would be awesome on the backbone on those light air days.  
Id replace the blocks in the vang and traveler.  If they are original the crew will appreciate that much more than a cushy floor.
Since the crew has all but demanded it... I'm looking for some feedback on this stuff. 
I know that they don't have kits for the 2000-2011(?) era of boats, before the new version of the launcher, soI'll probably just purchase the flat stock and make my own template.
My question is: Is it worth it? Does it make it that much easier/comfortable to move around that boat? It's going to be about a $500 upgrade, so I want to get my money's worth. Also, has anyone else already talked to them about making a new template? Thanks..
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