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50th Blue Chip DVD
50th Blue Chip DVD
In Stock
$ 10.00   
Mystery Guests:  Betsy Alison (W-41), Liz Baylis (W-9), Steve Benjamin (WH-77), Paul Cayard (V-511), Dave Chapin (TO-33), Peter Commette (SC-55),  Ed Eloranta (T-76), JJ Fetter (M-9), Bora Gulari (BH-8), Peter Holmberg (M-10), Gary Jobson (CH-6), Graham Landy (H-7), Cam Lewis (M-35), Johnny Lovell (V-37), Jonathan McKee (G-7), Terry Neilson (KG-111), Dave Perry (MA-10), Mark Reynolds (M-8), Dave Ullman (J-80), Paul Van Cleve (W-25)  Class Legends: Gordy Bowers (CR-66), Tom Burton (I-2), Peter Fortenbaugh (M-42), Dick Wight (M-3)

The Pewaukee Yacht Club 50th E Blue Chip Regatta DVD was produced by Gary Jobson Sailing Inc. with our friends Petey Crawford, Penalty Box Productions, and Sean Fidler, Regatta Aerials, providing much of the great video shots. 

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