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Runyon "Runnie" Colie Jr Inducted into the National Sailing Hall of Fame

 | Published on 6/26/2013
Please view Roger Vaughan's article about Runnie at the National Sailing Hall of Fame website, the link below.
Can you image the stories we could tell about Runnie racing E-Scows. It would fill a book with ease. They weren't all racing stories but I (Lon schoor) have one of those to share also. At the 1980 Nationals in Little Egg Harbor on the last leg of the last race I had to pass Runnie to beat him in the regatta. We had a lead over the next boats so we thought we could out tack him if we just kept it up to he finish. I was young and naive and we thought Runnie was too old to match us in a tacking dual (Now, over 33 years later I realize what a fool I was). Anyway, we could not believe he matched us tack for tack and even pulled away from us doing it. We finished 4th and 5th in the Nationals that year and Runnie was only 64 years old, younger than I am now and that is why I now understand what a fool I was with that tactic.
Many years Later I was in the registration line with Runnie at another Little Egg Harbor National Championship Regatta. Runnie was writing out a check for his registration and social events and when he handed it to the woman collecting the money he said, "This check is for more money than what I paid for my first E-Scow". I am pretty sure he also described how it was delivered on a hay wagon (although there no specific mention of horses) - no kidding!