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Hurricane Sandy – Peter Hurley’s Video of Mantoloking NJ

 | Published on 1/6/2013
Our hearts go out to our Barnigate Bay E-Scow fleets as they took a direct hit of hurricane Sandy.

Peter Hurley, 2010 E Scow National Champion, sent us this report and video of what it looked like in Mantaloking after the storm passed. “unbeliveable” “unreal” “this is crazy” “wow” is heard in his walkthru naritive of the neighborhood – this should be titled his “Oh My Gosh” video report.

“HeyLon! Thought this might be worthy news. The town of Mantoloking is devastated, but most of our boats were found intact about 150 yards away from the yacht club where they were prior to Sandy’s wrath. Here’s a little video of how Mantoloking was affected and below is a shot of the 2010 E Scow National Championship boat hanging tough in the aftermath.”

You have to see this video!

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