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Home2013 ECESA Championships - US Mail Registration

2013 Eastern Championship, Aug 1-3  -  US Mail Registration

Registration by US Mail









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US Mail Registration  

You are encouraged to use the event registration on this E-Scow web site. However, if you wish to use US mail to complete your registration for the 2013 ECESA Championship Regatta, August 1-3, there are two separate steps to finish:
Step 1. The rules require the skipper of the boat to have either a Boat-Owner membership or a Regular membership in the NCESA. It is encouraged, but not required, that your crew also become NCESA members with either an Associate or Crew membership type. You can use this link to Join/Renew Your Membership on-line now if you like. Send this link to your crew so they are also encouraged to join on-line.
If you would rather, there is an option to complete a printed NCESA Membership Form and mail it in. The following link will display a pdf Membership Form that you can print  and mail to: NCESA, PO Box 3022, Madison WI  53704. The address is also on the form.
Again, the rules require you to have a current NCESA membership to enter the ECESA Championship Regatta. Here is a link to the list of Current Boat Owner Members. You can also use the Member Directory to search for a member.
Step 2. You are encouraged to register  for the event  on-line by clicking on the following link:
However, if you prefer using US Mail please click on the following link to display and print a registration form
Mail the form to: c/o Robert Cole, 240 Upper Delevan Avenue, Corning, NY 14830.
It should be received on or before July 20, 2013. The address is also on the printed form.
Complete both of these steps and you will have sucessfully registered for the ECESA Championship Regatta.